Voting Guide

2016 General Election San Diego County

The San Diego Building & Construction Trades Council and its delegates have met with, interviewed, discussed, and endorsed key candidates and ballot initiatives for the next election. You can be certain that these candidates and ballot initiatives are important to the success of our unions, and the work we are able to do here in San Diego County. Please remember to VOTE on November 8, 2016!

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Working Families Endorse:*

United States President Hillary Clinton
United States Senator Kamala Harris
49th Congressional District Doug Applegate ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
50th Congressional District Patrick Malloy
51st Congressional District Juan Vargas
52nd Congressional District Scott Peters
State Senate, 39th District Toni Atkins
State Assembly, 78th District Todd Gloria
State Assembly, 79th District Shirley Weber
State Assembly, 80th District Lorena Gonzalez
San Diego County Board of Education, District 5 Rick Shea
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College Elena Adams ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
Palomar Community College District Nina Deerfield, John Halcon, Nancyann Hensch
San Diego Community College District, Seat A Bernie Rhinerson
San Diego Community College District, Seat D Mary Graham
Southwestern Community College, Seat 1 Griselda Delgado
Southwestern Community College, Seat 3 Roberto Alcantar
Oceanside Unified School District Eleanor Juanita Evans
Poway Unified School District Kimberley Beatty
San Diego Unified School District, District A John Lee Evans
San Diego Unified School District, District D Richard Barrera
San Diego Unified School District, District E Sharon Whitehurst-Payne
Escondido Union High, Trustee Area 4 Cesar Serrano
Grossmont Union High School District, Area 1 Chris Fite
Grossmont Union High School District, Area 2 Elva Salinas
Sweetwater Union High School District, Area 2 Kevin Pike
Sweetwater Union High School District, Area 4 Nicholas J. Segura, Jr.
Chula Vista Elementary School, Seat 2 Michael Deangelo Jackson
Chula Vista Elementary School, Seat 4 Glendora M. Tremper
San Ysidro School District, Full Term Antonio Martinez
San Ysidro School District, Short Term Irene Lopez
City of Carlsbad, City Council Bill Fowler, Cori Schumacher
City of Chula Vista, District 3 Steve Padilla ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
City of Chula Vista, District 4 Rudy Ramirez ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
City of El Cajon, City Council Vickie Butcher, Stephanie Harper, Ben Kalasho
City of Encinitas, Mayor Catherine S. Blakespear
City of Escondido, City Council District 3 Olga Diaz
City of Imperial Beach, City Council Mark West
City of Lemon Grove, City Council David Arambula
City of Lemon Grove, Mayor George Gastil
City of National City, City Council Jose Rodriguez, Alejandra Sotelo-Solis
City of Oceanside, City Council Victor Roy, Esther Sanchez
City of Oceanside, Treasurer Nadine Scott
City of San Diego, City Attorney Mara Elliot ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
City of San Diego, District 1 Barbara Bry
City of San Diego, District 9 Multiple Endorsements:
Ricardo Flores or Georgette Gomez
City of Vista, City Council Cody Campbell, Erubey Lopez
Helix Water District, Division 3 Mark Gracyk
Otay Water District, Division 2 Mitch Thompson
Otay Water District, Division 4 Jose Lopez
Palomar Health District Board Dale Bardin, Jeff Griffith
South Bay Irrigation, Division 2 Jose Cerda
South Bay Irrigation, Division 3 Jose Preciado
South Bay Irrigation, Division 5 Josie Calderon Scott
Tri-City Healthcare Marggie Castellano, Leigh Anne Grass, Donna Rencsak

California State Propositions

Proposition 51 (School Bonds. Funding for K-12 school and Community College facilities) YES ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
Proposition 52 (State Fees on Hospitals. Federal Medi-Cal Matching Funds) YES
Proposition 53 (Revenue Bonds. Statewide Voter Approval) NO ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
Proposition 54 (Legislature. Legislation and Proceedings - Munger 72-hr Rule) NO
Proposition 55 (Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare) YES ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
Proposition 56 (Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Law Enforcement) YES
Proposition 57 (Criminal Sentences. Juvenile Sentencing: Governor's Measure) YES
Proposition 58 (California Education for a Global Economy: Repeal Prop 227) YES
Proposition 59 (Campaign Finance: voter instruction. Citizens United, non-binding) YES
Propositions 60-61 No recommendation
Proposition 62 (Death Penalty. Repeal) YES
Propositions 63-65 No recommendation
Proposition 66 (Death Penalty. Procedures) NO

San Diego County Ballot Propositions

Measure A (SANDAG 1/2 cent sales tax for transportation projects) NO
Measure B (Lilac Hills, County Plan Zoning Amendment) No recommendation
Measure C (Chargers Stadium and Convention Center Initiative) YES ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
Measure D (Citizens Plan for non-contiguous Convention Center, etc.) No recommendation
Measures E-H No recommendation
Measure I (Charter Amendment, preserve San Diego High School campus in Balboa Park) YES
Measure J No recommendation
Measure K (Charter Amendment, requiring run-off election for the offices of Mayor, City Attorney, and Councilmember) YES ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
Measure L (Charter Amendment, requiring ballot measures be placed on November General Election ballots) YES ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
Measures M-R No recommendation
Measure S (City of El Cajon Charter Amendment, requiring election of City Councilmembers by geographic districts) YES
Measures T-W No recommendation
Measure X (Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District Facilities Bond) YES ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
Measure MM (Miracosta College Facilities Bond) NO
Measure Z (Southwestern Community College District Facilities Bond) YES ⇐ KEY CAMPAIGN!
Measures AA-BB No recommendation
Measure CC (Term limits for Sweetwater Union High School District Board of Trustees) YES
Measures DD-KK No recommendation

*If there is a race or issue that does not appear on this webpage but is on your ballot, it means that the candidates or advocates for the issue did not seek
 an endorsement from the San Diego Building Trades Council or the San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council.

Paid for by San Diego Building and Construction Trades Council Independent Expenditure PAC, 3737 Camino Del Rio South Ste. 202, San Diego, CA 92108. This advertisement was not authorized or paid for by a candidate for this office or a committee controlled by a candidate for this office, or by any federal, state, or local candidate or candidate’s committee.