Statement by SD Building Trades re: Anti-Stadium Political Group

Regarding the news that “a new committee called “No Downtown Stadium – Jobs and Streets First” is getting ready to launch a political campaign against the Chargers ballot measure,” here is a statement by Tom Lemmon, Business Manager of the San Diego County Building and Construction Trades Council:

This is a classic case of smoke-and-mirrors.

Self-serving moneyed developers and contractors are sabotaging progress on the stadium by lying to taxpayers and saying they want “jobs first.”  

In truth, the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Building and Construction Trades Council are the ones that have partnered together to ensure the construction of a new stadium will create good paying, local jobs for the community under a local hire agreement.

The efforts of this anti-stadium group are both dishonest and baseless and these contractors have a history of creating bad jobs and cheating their workers. The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) represent 0.3% of licensed contractors in California but have the dubious distinction of having incurred 24% of labor violations in the state. (See this video for more details on the ABC.)

The San Diego Building Trades Unions and the Chargers are committed to ensuring that workers’ rights are protected with good-wages and benefits and successful, effective apprenticeship programs.

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